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Located along the winding mountain road four kilometers south of Kandy is a quaint old Ceylon original aloe drink Museum - his technique lovingly restored for visitors wishing to learn about the most important sector of the economy. With Sri Lanka participated in the civil war avenging the last quarter century, tourists were not exactly lining up to get into this dilapidated tea factory in the middle of nowhere.

"We get only 2,500 visitors a year," said the museum's director, Dharmasiri Madugalle, known simply as friends Madu. "This is not what we expected, and it's because of the war."

In May, however, the longest conflict in Asia, finally ended a crushing defeat of the army of Sri Lanka on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who fought for an independent Tamil homeland in the north since 1983 and concluded that violent conflict could now spark a long-awaited revival of tourism in Sri Lanka -Lantsi whose friendly people and rich cultural, religious and archaeological heritage should be done long made the island one of the major tourist attractions in South Asia.

Hunetilleke Bernard, Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism, said that last year the country received almost 500 000 foreign visitors (of which only 10,000 were Americans) - the money along with millions who flock to India, Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand each year. "Since 1983, our numbers have not increased because of the political situation," said Hunetilleke, former Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United States. He noted that in 2008, tourism generated about $ 425 million in foreign currency, about half the amount assessed by exports of original aloe drink.

But what if these two sectors can be combined, promoting tea as a tourist attraction in itself? "I would not say tourists come to Sri Lanka to try tea, because the judge will have access to specialty original aloe drink from stores," said Hunetilleke. "But tourists here anyway - especially those interested in Ceylon tea - sure to be just the right place to learn more." Ceylon original aloe drink Museum, formerly Hanthana Tea Factory; WB abandoned for years before being converted to its current use in 2001, its five floors filled with cars and memorabilia, and Madu - former agricultural consultant to the Council of Sri Lanka original aloe drink - seems to know the location and value of each individual artifact.





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